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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

"My experience with the LANAP Laser Protocol has been more than positive.

I wanted to keep my teeth and avoid extractions (due to periodontal disease) and the implants that I had been proposed.

All this has been possible. . . among other things in a totally painless and "pleasant" way.

Thanks for making me aware of this revolutionary approach.

I can now enjoy for a longer time my own teeth!"

-Mario M. 
Pesaro - Italy

"I had already done  two traditional gum surgeries on the right side of my mouth to take care of the periodontal disease that I was diagnosed with.

The doctor asked me to do the other two sectors with the new Laser therapy (LANAP Protocol).

Given the new technique I was quite hesitant, but after detailed explanations, I was convinced. . .

I could not make a better choice. . . Not even comparable with the interventions previously made. . . There were no incisions, no sutures, no pain or discomfort, but mainly I could  take care of the whole left sector of my mouth in one sitting being able to go right after  to work without consequences. .

Almost beyond belief, especially remembering my other experience. . .

Absolutely recommendable!"

-Angela P. 
Rimini - Italy

"Experiencing the new laser approach has been really exciting because it's offered me the chance to get major health improvements without going through major surgery…

Perio health has been a challenge for me since my early twenties, so I consider myself a highly experienced periodontal patient. 

No sedation was needed and recovery was much easier. Its much more user friendly.  The comparison is profound between traditional treatment and laser. 

Believe me, I‘ve had enough treatments to know I prefer the laser! And, we’ve had excellent results so far."

-Maria Luisa B.
Fano - Italy

"For years I suffered from infections-recurrent abscesses around an implant positioned earlier. They did a little surgery to clean it, but it did not work. . .

Tired of continually taking antibiotics, I decided, not without hesitation (but I had nothing to lose .. I was recommended the removal and subsequent implantation) and I "tried" the Laser (LANAP Protocol). Well, unexpectedly it was a success. . . 

Quick, painless and without cuts or surgery. . . no more abscesses and soreness. And I kept the implant!"

-Francesco D. 
Pesaro - Italy

"I had bleeding gums, pain and mobility just around one tooth in my mouth. .

I was told that I had lost more than 50% of the bone only in that area and that I needed to have a periodontal regenerative surgery to save it.

I looked for less invasive procedures. I went on the Internet and I found the LANAP Laser Therapy.

I tried it: it was quick, painless and surprisingly efficient. . . my gums stopped bleeding right away, the tooth is now stable and new bone was miraculously regenerated!


-Chiara C. 
Bologna - Italy

Dr. Rossini is the first and only LANAP certified clinician in Europe. The LANAP Laser allows him to treat moderate to severe periodontal disease without the use of a scalpel or sutures. Patients are able to return to work the same day and most report experiencing little to no pain.

The Laser Treatment That Can "ZAP 
AWAY" Periodontal Disease!

If you have bleeding gums, there is a new laser therapy that can treat periodontal disease without incisions or sutures!

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